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Pfizer is a research based global biopharmaceutical company that engaged in the discovery, development & manufacturing of healthcare products that includes medicines and vaccines to improve patient’s lives. It has been operating in Saudi Arabia since early 1960s. And it has a portfolio in different therapeutic areas include internal medicines, vaccines, oncology, inflammation & Immunology, rare diseases, hospital healthcare, cardiovascular that aim to provide high quality medicines, promoting health, raising awareness bar of various diseases and therapeutic areas, and providing a preventive solutions in partnership with the local government and private healthcare institutions.

In October 2011, Pfizer in Saudi Arabia signed a memorandum of understanding with the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) to set up its first ever manufacturing plant throughout the GCC in King Abdullah Economic City in Saudi Arabia & kicked off the construction of its new manufacturing plant in February 2013. The full manufacturing & packaging was completed by 2017.

On June 22, 2016 SAGIA issued a “trading license” to Pfizer, making Pfizer the first pharmaceutical multinational companies was awarded such a license. The new license, which is effective immediately, gives Pfizer “100 percent foreign ownership” of its legal entity in Saudi Arabia with the ability to import, export, and trade in wholesale and retail products, equipment, and instruments. Which enable the expansion of our investment and demonstrate Pfizer’s commitment to our patients in Saudi Arabia and the Saudi government by providing a high quality of medicines and insuring supply integrity. The plant will initially employ 124 candidates, 50% of them will be Saudi nationals. Once operational, 80% of its capacity will meet 100% local demand for 16 of Pfizer best-selling products representing 5 therapeutic areas.

The total number of 4.4 Million patients in Saudi Arabia benefited from Pfizer’s innovative and diversified therapies during 2019. Additionally, Pfizer Saudi Vaccines had helped in protection of more than 5 million children in Saudi Arabia from serious infections of invasive and mucosal pneumococcal disease during the last 12 years, and continue to provide innovation in the immunization field for adults at risk. Hence, Pfizer Saudi limited took the lead in partnership with Saudi MOH to increase and expand the health awareness among the Saudi community.

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